Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Edible Flowers - The Daylily

As I was on a quest yesterday to figure out the best way to prepare a squash blossom (my answer ended up  being stuffed with cheese, battered and fried..mmm!) I ran across a very interesting bit of information. Daylilies are edible, all parts of them, in fact! I have daylilies growing in my backyard, compliments of the people who owned our home before we moved in however many years ago. I immediately went and pulled a just opened flower from its stalk and took a bite. It was crispy and delicious, as promised! I fed the rest of the flower to Fig, Guardian of the Kingdom, who also agreed that it was delicious.

Today I have set out to find the best way to eat daylilies. I have read recipes for batter fried, stuffed, salads, boiled, grilled, you name it, it’s been done! I plan on going home this evening and taking stock of our daylily situation. I believe we have quite a few blooms that popped open today, and numerous buds, which are also edible. My plan is to harvest the freshly opened flowers, wash them well, remove the stamens, and serve them as a salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

If you are interested in eating daylilies, I recommend you consult google and read as much about eating them as possible. Know your flower, know what you can eat from the plant, know the growing situation of the particular plant you plan to eat, and after you’re confident it’s safe to consume, enjoy!

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